1 Brauner Phantom AE
For its 10th anniversary, the new king of large diaphragm condensers made one that mere mortals can afford.
It is not as versatile as some of my other mics, but it makes up for it in pure sound quality.

1 Core Sound TetraMic
This is an ambisonics microphone.
It allows you to determine in what direction the microphone listens after recording.
So during the mix you can dial in multiple microphones with any polar pattern, pointing in any direction.

2 Shure KSM141
These medium size condensers can be mechanically switched to either cardioid or pressure omni.
One of the developers stated that they were developed to imitate the Schoeps MK 5 capsule and CMC 6 amplifier.

2 DPA 4061
Miniature pressure omnis from the Danish legends of natural sound.
Can be used in free field, but with some accessories also as boundary mics, or attached to an instrument or vocalist.

2 CAD M179
Large diaphragm condensers with a continuously variable polar pattern.

2 TBone RB500
Ribbon mics provide the velvet sound from back in the day.

4 Shure SM58
The most famous microphone in the world!

3 Shure SM57
The second most famous microphone in the world ;)

5 Sennheiser MD 421
The industry standard large-diaphragm dynamic.

1 Electro-Voice RE20
Normal directional mics sound thinner when you go further away, due to the proximity effect. This one does not.

1 AKG D 112
Large-diaphragm dynamic microphone for bass instruments.

1 AKG D 3500
Dynamic cardioid.

2 BSS AR-133 DI's.

Lots of cheap and cheerful toys.


32 Channels of TFPro 16X preamps.
32 in, 32 out RME ADI-8 converters.
Monster server running Ardour on 64Studio.
AudioRail digital snake system enabling a separate machine room. No fans in the studio!
Dynaudio BM 6A Active nearfield monitors.
5 Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro very comfortable closed headphones
Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer for 8 separate headphone mixes
Behringer Powerplay HA4600 headphone amplifier.
Liebert GXT2 3000VA the whole studio is powered by this big battery. If the electricity drops out, we keep going.

Effects and instruments

TC Electronics M2000 effects unit.
Lexicon MPX500 effects unit.
Hundreds of plugins.
Clavia MicroModular modular synthesizer and effects unit.
Korg Z1 Synthesizer with physical modeling and analog sounds. It has a nice keyboard with aftertouch and lots of controllers.
Roland HPD-15 electronic hand percussion.
Mesa Boogie guitar amp
Drum kit.
Various percussion instruments.
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